Ford Ranger ExtremeR Silver


Exclusively available at Pacific Motor Group, the EXTREME-R package has been created by Pacific Motor Group to enhance the standard Ford Ranger into a vehicle that exudes customised character. 

An EXTREME-R equipped Ranger is for the discerning motorist that wants to make a statement about their passion for perfection. It takes the mainstream and personalises it into a unique masterpiece of style. Read NZ Fishing News' review of the EXTREME-R.

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The EXTREME-R includes:

  • 20 inch EVR Fang wheels and all terrain tyres
  • ExtremeR badges and decals
  • Bespoke EXTREME-R grill
  • Tombstone Sport Nappa Leather Interior
  • Upgraded top end sport seats

Additional options:

  • Retractable load covers
  • Sports bars
  • Factory accessories

So go on, build your own, express yourself and step away from the confines of an ‘off the shelf’ vehicle. 

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