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  • Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)

    Electrify your commute

  • Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)
  • What is a Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)?

    As with all hybrids, a PHEV combines a conventional engine with a battery-powered electric motor, to increase efficiency and reduce emissions1.

    PHEVs are capable of short electric-only journeys. For example, the Escape PHEV has an electric-only range of up to 56kms2. That means fuel savings and lower emissions compared to other hybrid or conventional engine vehicles.

    A Ford PHEV is usually best charged at home using a wallbox, or from a standard plug socket using the cable provided. They can also be charged at some public charge points.

  • Why choose a Plug-In Hybrid?

    Low Emission Driving2

    PHEVs are capable of zero-emissions driving for journeys up to 56kms2 while offering peace of mind for longer trips with a petrol engine as backup.

    Easy Charging

    No need to stop and charge if your battery runs low. PHEVs are quick and easy to charge at home with a wallbox or from a standard plug socket using a home charging cable.

    Spend Less At The Pump

    All-electric capability means fuel savings on shorter journeys. Ideal for commuting, school runs or other short hops.

  • Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)
  • How do Plug-In Hybrids (PHEVs) work?

    Plug-in hybrids offer two sources of power, combining a conventional ICE engine with a battery-powered electric motor. In addition, our Power-Split Hybrid Technology connects the petrol engine, electric motor, and generator together.

    With a lithium-ion battery pack, our PHEVs offer enough electric-only, zero-emissions charging for most daily journeys. They’re efficient too, achieving improved fuel economy and noticeably lower CO2 emissions than other conventional non-hybrid engines.

    Charging is easy, via a 230-volt power socket using the approved charger supplied with the vehicle OR Wallbox EV Charger installed by a qualified contractor (faster and safer), OR a public charging station.


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